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Divine Touch brings to Vizag an unique Indian culture which has stood the test of time for centuries. The Montessori teaching methods and handling of subjects including moral science are sure to make a mark on young, impressionable minds. Respect for elders and teachers are an integral part of early schooling. Yoga and healthy habits are moulded into their everyday school life. A strong conviction in the power of prayer, we make it a rule to have prayer sessions on a regular basis. Inculcating qualities like self-belief and helping them realize the joy of giving is also one of our priorities. Our school has the right blend of ancient wisdom and modern infrastructure which children lack and require. The teachers are experienced and inclined to impart a touch of spirituality to an education we believe would be incomplete without.

What is the vision of the school?
The vision behind the school is to recognize, understand and focus on the specific ability of each child, and to actively encourage the trait which makes his aptitude different from the rest, and which may probably give him happiness and joy later on in life. It is fashionable to speak of passion, but most schools forget this adage all too soon , and work out how rote-based learning and spectacular marks can make parents happy with the supposed potential of their child.

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