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1.You will get the unlimited blessings of Lord Krishna.
2.Name inscription on the door of the guest room as one of the 3 co-sponsorers. .
3.Eighteen volume set of Srimad Bhagavatam will be gifted to you.
4.Life long invitation to major festivals held at ISKCON, Visakhapatnam every year.
5.nternational Life Membership
6.Income Tax exemption (50% under section 80G)

                  DONATE Rs:- 1,11,111/-

Bank                             HDFC Bank
Account Number       50100234615914
IFSC                             HDFC0009229
Branch                        Beach Road


Donation for DHARMA KARTHA SEVA, your DonationId: iknvcumid717176

Rs: 1,11,111/-

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